New Equipment and Safety Devices

Safety Equipment

Load Stops
Designed to be a secondary fail-safe to insure loads aren’t pushed past the end of the conveyor.

Transfer Car Laser Bumpers
Laser upgrades on transfer cars are safer for personnel than the traditional flaps or collapsible bumpers. The housing protects the laser from incidental damage.

Plastic Belt Safe Crosswalk
Plastic Belt conveyor allows personnel to walk safely across conveyor. Operator presses safe push button When belt is clear Green light will enable and belt will stop. Operator when across conveyor will depress "reset" enable conveyor operation. Steps are added both sides of conveyor.

New Equipment

Plastic Belt Conveyor
Our belt conveyor provides a flat surface allowing operators to walk across safely. Also preventing sheet walk.

Opposing Conveyor Turntable (OTTD)
This unique design is virtually maintenance free. It rotates units 30% faster than conventional turntables.

Strapping Systems
CreAlutions believes in keeping things simple. Our systems are PLC based and uses a Multi Touch Screen allowing multiple actions oat one time. We have serviced and/or replaced our competitor’s strapping systems.

Powered Accumulating Roller Conveyor (PARC)
Solid welded framed conveyor with 5” channel and 11/16” shaft supports for rollers. Rollers are 2.5” 11 ga tubing.

Chain Transfer Units (CTU)
Moves Loads onto or off conveyor lines.

Load Centering Device (LCD)
Moves Loads centering in the conveyor.

Fork Truck Entry (FTE)
Allows Fork Truck operators to pick up loads without damaging the product.

Powered Fork Truck Entry (PFTE)
Allows Fork Truck operators to Place product on the device and automatically transfer downstream.